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Soldering vibrate switch on new power flex cable?

For all the tutorials this website has, I was surprised there was not a tutorial on how to replace the power/volume/mute flex cable on an iPhone 7 Plus.

I figured it would be pretty straight forward until I received the replacement cable today and realized the vibrate/silent switch was not included and will require soldering to be transferred to the new cable.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to do this properly?

Thank you.

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I would look for a replacement flex cable elsewhere. Every one I have purchased never required any soldering. My cables I have in stock now have the switch attached to the cable already.

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Yes, I have the same s@!t situation, after I received the cable I realised that I have to solder. It is a cheap component I don’t want to spend time on those tiny parts. Just looking for another supplier.

Never met with this issue with flex cable.

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I would replace the cable. When it comes to engineering, I must admit that I am pretty new to this domain and I am still learning. A friend of mine mounts different stuff related to automation and I was impressed by his work. I've even bought some parts from in order to upgrade my house. I've hired my friend, of course, and I am really excited to see what the outcome is going to be. I am not going to sit around without doing anything because I want to help him and learn things from him. I cannot wait!

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