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Information and repair instructions for GE Profile Refrigerator

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Water and ice dispenser will not work

I have a GE Profile French door refrigerator. The water and ice dispenser is lit up but I'd not working. I replaced the water inlet valve, ice is being made. It was working prior to the inlet valve going bad

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So it is making ice, is it dumping it? What is your model number?



yes, it is dumping ice into the bin, just not dispensing it at the door


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Hey Nikki.

There are a number of possible issues that may disrupt dispensing at the door.

Door Switch - First, be aware that there’s a door switch that prevents the dispenser from operating when the door is open. If this switch fails, it may disrupt the dispensing, and needs replacing. This can be checked for continuity, using a multi-meter.

Note - If you can hear the dispenser trying to work when you attempt to get ice, you can assume the door switch is fine. This would also indicate that the dispenser micro switch and wiring harness is ok, too. This would also tell you that the auger motor is getting power and the motor itself is operating (still not able to completely rule it out, just yet). In other words, of the numerous possible problems, several can be eliminated by simply hearing the dispenser motor trying to work. Likewise, if nothing happens when you attempt to have ice dispensed, all the possibilities remain to be eliminated.

Auger Obstruction - Check for an icy build-up in the ice bucket that might obstruct the auger action. If you do have a frozen mass, etc., in the bucket, the motor may be trying to work but the auger is unable to move. The bucket needs to be removed and thawed and emptied if an icy build-up is present.

Auger Drive Failure - With the ice bucket removed, depress the dispensing lever (where you place a glass to fill with ice) and the door switch (inside the freezer) at the same time, and visually observe the shaft from the motor that drives the auger (located just below the ice bucket position), to ensure it’s turning. Also, without depressing anything, simply attempt to turn this shaft using your fingers to feel if it is engaged with the motor (it should not turn freely). If the shaft turns freely, the auger motor may need replacing, due to mechanical wear or damage where it interfaces with the drive shaft.

Auger Motor Not Operating - If the auger motor is not operating you may want to ensure the wiring harness is properly connected (at both ends). This is usually located behind the dispenser control board, and again at the bottom of the appliance, behind the guard. You should also check the dispenser lever micro switch for continuity, if the auger motor does not operate when the lever is depressed. If the switch fails continuity, replace it. If the switch is ok, and the wiring and connections are ok, the problem may be the auger motor, or the dispenser control board. You can also visually inspect the control board for damage such as burn marks or swollen capacitors, etc., in which case the dispenser control board may need replacing.

Dispenser Door Failure - Depress the dispensing lever using your finger, and watch to see if the dispenser door flap opens, then release the lever and wait for this flap to close about 3-4 seconds later. If the door flap fails to open or shut, there may be a mechanical issue with the door flap parts, or the solenoid that operates the door flap action may be the cause. The dispenser needs to be disassembled from the front, in order to visually inspect these parts and/or to test the solenoid switch.

Other Possible Causes include issues with the water inlet valve, low water supply pressure, or main control board.

Hope this might help. Good Luck!!

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