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La versione del 1998 si ispira alla Beetle originale ma, in confronto con il modello vecchio, è molto più spaziosa e ha caratteristiche molto più avanzate.

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I have a p1580 code

What does the P1580 code mean ? my litle car has been fine and all of a sudden it doesn’t want to keep running, it is running rough,and I am confused as to why it has this code

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revaschorus a P1580 pops up with “throttle actuator B1 malfunction”. Could be caused by a dirty throttle body, out of calibration or a low battery. Try this:

Disconnect your battery for 20 minutes and if you have an external battery charger go ahead and charge your battery so you have a strong battery to fire the car on initially.

Now re-connect your battery and turn the key half way where your AC and radio come on (turn your AC off)

Let the car sit for 3-5 minutes. If you put your ear under the hood on the Throttle Body you can hear the TB recalculating, it sounds like an electrical whizzing.

Now crank the car and take it for a spin it should be back to normal except the DTC P01580 still shows. This should reset after 50-75 miles of driving. from here

If that does not work, you will have to clean the Throttle Body as well as the MAF. We can most likely help you with descriptions for that as well.

BTW let us know the exact year and model of your Beetle

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This is for a 1998 volkswagon beetle 2.0 L


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