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Il controller wireless Xbox 7MN-0001, prodotto da Microsoft Corporation, è il controller più utilizzato per la console di gioco Xbox e può essere utilizzato anche su PC.

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Why is my right thumbstick drifting out of position?

I’ve seen many questions about how to fix a joystick that is stuck in position, but that doesn’t apply to my controller. What happens is if I’m playing Call of Duty (or any game for that matter) I start to look upwards even when I am not making contact with the joystick. At first I thought that maybe it was getting stuck while pushed forwards, but then it started to happen for no reason. Then I decided to test something, I tested how far forward I would have to push the joystick to make me look up at that speed, then I waited for the joystick to malfunction, then I saw that my joystick was in the proper centred position: nowhere near how far forward it would have had to be if this was an issue of it being stuck/sticky. Does anyone know if I can fix this, or is this just a sign that it is time for a new controller?

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That’s how these cheap things are expected to do when worn, the measurement drifts.

Replace the joystick mechanism.

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Is it less expensive to replace the joystick mechanism, or just get a new controller? I also have had the controller for almost 6 years, and I have used it extensively, so there was bound to be some problem with it eventually.


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