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A 16 GB Android tablet with a 7.9 inch display manufactured in 2014 by Xiaomi.

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Mi Pad 4 vertical stripes on black areas

Hey guys. I am 100% sure solution might not be possible but i am currious if someone experienced this before.

I have Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 64GB 4GB Ram version. I have it always in a case. One day I dropped it directly on the back (no bounce, it jast fell and stayed in place). Screen started to behave weird with vertical pink/orange faded stripes. It even had ghost touch issues for a while but it happend only for a day or two. So now only stripes but very weird ones. They are appearing and disappearing and are mostly visible on black color or dark colors but not always. On colorful nice picture they are completely gone. Also when watching a video or looking at black picture they dissappear also from black borders.

I also noticed that since drop text resolution is not as sharp as before.

So i ordered a new lcd and replaced it ( i repaired tablets and phones before so this was quite easy). After replacement it is still present. I even tried all connectors for lcd. Push to chips if it goes away(not with bare hands ofc) and so on. No luck at all.

I think video chip got damaged and is now working partly or something like that so i will not be able to fix that but still if anyone experienced this or can recommend something that would be great.

Any advice will be appreciated!

Images below: youtube can show stripes nicely and home screen they are gone completely.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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There is definitely something more damaged internally than just the LCD. I would take it to a local electronic repair shop and have them do a diagnosis on it. I would also contact a place where they do lab repair to see if there is any micro soldering that has to be done. Best of luck!!

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