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Released in 2016. Model Number: IMW888

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Loud Static upon powering on

My speaker does not say “Powering On, Altec Lansing” and there is a loud static coming from 2 speakers 1 on each side of speaker and then a low hum on both sides of the speaker 1 speaker each. It connects to the Bluetooth connection on my phone and the aux cord to my phone but I cannot hear any music, just loud static.

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I have the exact same problem with mine. Wish someone knew what the issue was. I've even talked to tech support with no luck. All they say is to drain the battery and then try again..


yes I have the very same problem


What brought it to this point its not exact model but same issue as well as loud pops


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Replace the pcm1808 chip on the main board. Hours of troubleshooting so you're welcome . When this chip is going bad it causes static, when it dies you lose audio

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