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La quarta generazione della Volkswagen Jetta, chiamata anche MK4 o Bora, è una berlina da famiglia della Volkswagen.

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Not starting AT ALL!

How do you know if it's the starter, solenoid etc without replacing?

Like is there a check list to do process of elimination? Extreme newbie here. Be nice.

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@analp (really?) what is the exact year, model and engine size? what have you tried? what does or does it not do? does it turn over? If so it's not your starter/solenoid


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I will start checking fuses, i was fixing my own car a Jetta 2003 changing something in the door panel and i made a short circuit in some cables. After checking every single fuse my mechanic said that i damaged the ECU(The Compuer) : ( …. He replaced and everything started working. (Hoping that you don’t have the same issue). But you can start checking every Fuse under the hood and inside under the steering wheel.

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