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La versione allargata del decimo telefono di Samsung della sua serie top S, presentato nel febbraio 2019. Dotato di Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Anyway I can fix my s10+ earpiece?

I went into the pool with my phone and after drying it off, everything else worked fine except for my earpiece, which is now softer than usual, and phone calls are nearly silent. Is there anyway I can fix this?

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Have you tried running a very soft bristle brush on the earpiece speaker filter grill mesh thing to try clean it?


I had the same problem. I removed the sim tray and closed my mouth in the sim hole on the device then blew in to push the water out. It works


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Yes you can, is not hard. Cost you like a $5.00 online. (I know that is not the right Guide , but you can see the Ear Peace there).

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Front-Facing Camera Module Replacement

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