Replacement rubber feet for the bottom?

The rubber strip s coming off the surfacebook. Most people say super glue is the way to go but there are little slots for it to fit, so i was wondering if there was a replacement part for it

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I don't think replacement parts are sold for these thing. as you said you can use super glue or salvage them from other Surfacebook.


As seems to often be the case with Microsoft now, sadly, this may be your answer:

Frankly, it is this kind of thing that's making me ditch Microsoft. They seem to have adopted a mindset that the customer has to get what they give them. Ironically, this isn't true! I've completely switched over to Ubuntu except for using Autodesk Inventor because Autodesk also seems to have adopted this mindset. Very sad. I thought the Surface Pro was one of Microsoft's better products.


Glue it, but not super glue..too permanent..rubber cement will do it well, and in case you do find another strip, the old one can still be removed with a little prying. With super glue you might need a chisel!


Agreed. It's amazing what a variety of fasteners can fix almost perfectly!


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