Charge light solid white wont start when HDD plugged in

I have a slightly different DV7 6143CL When i hook any HDD up to the PC it will only make the charge port light solid white and wont shut off till I take the battery out if I disconnect the HDD and leave the proprietary HDD cable hooked up the computer will give me the HP splash screen and tell me I need to install an OS. I figured if the cable was bad it would do the same thing when i have the HDD hooked up but it doesn’t. Again the charge light stays solid white with no power cable hooked up to the PC when a HDD is hooked up to the PC ( i’ve tried SSD and HDD)

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What is meant by using the proprietary cable? Did you replace a cable? Did this problem start after initially replacing the original hard drive? Can you boot off of a USB stick/hard drive and what lights are solid when you do that?


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