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No Display Backlight. Cable, Mainboard, or Display?

Hi all,

after fixing one of the hinges of my Asus Zenbook UX303LA-R4342H, while trying to plug the display cable back into the mainboard, I accidentally let the display cable touch the mainboard. This lead to a small flash of light and it smelled burnt. (I still had the battery pluggged in.) Now the display backlight does not turn on anymore. If I shine a light through the back of the display I can see the Desktop and also with an external monitor everything works fine.

What do you think broke? Is it the mainboard, the cable or the display? How can I figure out?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other divices on which I could test the display.

I did not see exactly where the cable touched the mainboard - I only saw the spark in the corner of my eyes - but since the cable is relatively stiff and does not have a lot of reach I think it must have touched the mainboard to the left of the connector.

Block Image

I already tried unplugging the battery and holding the power button for 30s as suggested on some backlight problem questions here, but this did not help.

Here is a picture of the mainboard:

Block Image

And here is the output of the CPU-Z Utility:

Block Image


I took the mainboard out the check the other side. I guess I found the source of the burnt smell. The burnt part is exactly on the other side of the display connector. There are also these two smaller things further above that also seem to have burned?

Block Image

Block Image

What are these broken parts? Is that something I could fix?

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Replacing the mainboard fixed my backlight problem.

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@lymanox something obviously got shorted out on your backlight circuitry. You would have to to a really good visual inspection of the complete board. Remember that just because the cable does not have a long reach, it may have create a short circuit in a component along a trace. Asus is really stingy with schematics so we will need to know the exact motherboard your Zenbook is using. See if there are any numbers etc. silkscreened right on the board and let us know what those are. We may get lucky….

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Hi @oldturkey03,

thanks for your reply.

I edited the question to include a picture of the mainboard.

Unfortunately, I don't see and specific numbers that would help me to identify the board. Should I remove the board from the case an check the other side?

The CPU-Z tool reports that the mainboard model is a UX303LAB. Is that a specific enough description of the mainboard?


@lymanox I would remove it. Eventually you will have to check the underside as well. Some damaged components can actually be on that side.


Thanks again for the advice @oldturkey03. I checked the underside and probably found the problem (see updated question). However, I still don't know what these things are and how I should proceed.


@lymanox those look like capacitors. the smaller ones you could figure out by using and capacitance meter and measure the ones besides the broken ones. Replace those . The larger one is going to be a pain. There are no schematics, so we have to try and find an image that will show what the part is supposed to oll like. If it is a capacitor, I would use the one right beside it and measure that one. Get a replacement with the same values and solder it in place. Then keep your fingers crossed ;-)


Hello @oldturkey03 I have the same problem: no backlite after hinge repair

I think the problem should be in the display cable

Did you replace it?

I have no burned parts in the motherboard




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