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The Volvo XC90 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV manufactured by Volvo since 2002 and now is in its second generation.

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Why would my car accelerate while my foot is on the break

Yesterday after stopping at a stop light my car started to creep forward with my foot still pressing on the brake when I applied more pressure to the brake pedal my engine appeared to rev as if it was attempting to accelerate I ended up having to place the car in park for it not to move this has happened once before but that was a few months ago what could this be? I am positive my foot was only on the brake pedal both times

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Strange, when you put it in park, did engine idle properly? There are very few things which can cause accelerator to be depressed while foot on brake, did you happen to look at gas pedal to see if it was indeed being pushed down? When you say creep forward, did you look at your tachometer to see what RPM engine was at? Just trying to narrow down a bit further. Did you make sure cruise control is off, could be an electronic fault whereby brake cut off is not working. CEM if wet can cause all sorts of issues as if car was haunted. Seen it all, but not this problem yet, so hopefully it gets fixed, sounds like a safety issue.


Same thing just happened to me today. My foot was on the brake and then I felt the car slipping forward when I had to press hard on the brake when I loosened a bit on the brake you could here the engine revving up. I ended up steeping hard on the brake and turning the engine off. When I restarted the engine everything seemed fine. Please let me know what you did.


I think you got a bad e r g valve


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Most likely it is a problem with your beak line or wire depending on the model. Any way take it to a car repair shop.

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