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A portable and water resistant outdoor speaker designed by Bose for uniform coverage from any angle. Bluetooth, voice commands and auxiliary connections allow multiple connections options for up to 12 hours of use. A lightweight version of the Bose Soundlink Revolve+.

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Battery failing on a Bose Soundlink Revolve

I’ve got a two-year-old Bose Soundlink Revolve portable speaker with a 12-hour battery. I always keep it plugged in; it’s in my office on a shelf. It occasionally announces, “The battery is at 100%” or “The battery is at 90%,” etc. Recently, this percentage has been dropping rapidly and is now down to 30%. The Bose manual, website and other sources just say to “Replace the battery.” But they don’t say how. There’s no obvious route into the insides of the speaker — entirely apart from the fact that I don’t get why I should have to replace a battery that’s always been plugged in. What gives? I’ve switched to several different wall outlets with no change. Nothing in the speaker or cable LOOKS damaged either. Any ideas? Thank you — George S. (Harpswell, Maine)

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Here’s the best teardown pics I could find. I couldn’t find a replacement battery. I’d call Bose and see what they’d charge to replace the battery. If they damage it in the process, then they will send you a new speaker. They may even find that there is a faulty board and send you a new speaker, charging you only for the battery replacement.

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Here's that link I mentioned: Bose Soundlink Revolve

The Speaker Replacement fix shows the most pictures. There isn't a guide that shows the battery replacement. I'd let Bose deal with it though.


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