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Rilasciato nel Novembre 2013 da Sony Computer Entertainment, questo controller six-axis con batteria da 3.7 V agli ioni di litio non è complicato da riparare

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Dualshock 4 not turning on / no sign of life / no light

I bought a broken controller hoping i could fix it.

It shows no sign of life at all.

I tried different USB cables: Nothing

The USB port is working, i checked it on another controller

In another thread someone had a tiny stain with caused the problem so i cleaned the whole board with cleaning alcohol and a brush: still nothing

Battery also not the problem since the controllers also turns on without battery.

The problem has to be somewhere on the board and i cant see anything wrong with it.

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Plug it in and feel the board. Is anything getting hot?


no i cant fell anything warm


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Seeing as a new Motherboard is like $20, id just order a new one. it isn’t worth the time to try to diagnose the no power fault on the board.

DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard and Midframe Assembly (JDM-001)

Immagine DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard and Midframe Assembly (JDM-001)


DualShock 4 Controller Motherboard and Midframe Assembly (JDM-001)


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