HE2 Duet Dryer - Heat Always On, Even is Air Dry Mode

My HE2 Dryer (1108756 series) overheated and blew the thermal fuse. I replaced it and the dryer would run, but I smelled a burning smell soon after the dryer started, so I stopped it and removed the lower panel.

It appears that the heating element comes on, even in Express Dry/Air Only mode. In the Air Only mode, I would expect the dryer would not turn on the heating element at all.

There is no blockage, I cleaned everything from the dryer to the vent.

The Thermistor seems to be operating properly, it is at about 10K Ohms at room temperature and the resistance drops when I heat it by holding the sensor between my thumb and finger.

The parts associated with the thermal cut-off and High Limit Thermostat have been taken out of the circuit, and each measured continuity between their terminals.

The heating element has continuity between the terminals (when taken out of circuit) and there is no continuity between the heating element terminals and the case.

I am suspecting the controller, but it is not volunteering any error codes. When measuring the resistance between P14-3 and P14-6 connector on the control board, the meter reads 18K ohms, and the measurement rises.

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