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iPhone XS Losing Touch Ability

Hey guys! I have the weirdest situation with iPhone and I am trying to find out is it only me or another people too. So, long story short.

Situation #1.

A customer brought in an iPhone XS for a back glass replacement. I took a phone apart and changed a glass. When I put a phone together the touch screen stopped working. I disconnected the original screen and connected a GSX copy and it started to work. When I connect back, original screen didn’t work. I though I might did something wrong but I am usually very careful with what I do.

Situation #2.

Another customer brought in an iPhone XS to change a screen. I did change it and everything was fine. And I decide to connect back the original to check a touch. And it didn’t work again. But when I connect a GSX copy everything was fine.

So, this is my question. Does any one else check that and had the same problem? Or what might happened with 2 phones that original touch screen touch stopped to work. If apple did something for a purpose then its mean that there is no way to change people’s back glass if touch will not going to work after disconnection of an original screen. Its a bit weird and I can not find any answer online.

So, lets figure it out together!

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I too am seeing this problem with the XR, XS and Max. I think we will have to wait for Apple to fix the problem in one of their software updates. It is becoming very frustrating, not just for me but the customers too.


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In Situation #2 did you use the screen from the first XS rear glass repair ?

Either way to me it does sound like you just damaged the FPC connector/cable upon removal.

Next one you get for lcd repair make sure to test the touch before removal then test again each step of the way ie pry up the lcd and undo the shields, disconnect the battery then reconnect it and test is touch still working ? ok great next disconnect battery and lcd connectors , reconnect, retest, remove again, place aftermarket one on and test , disconnect , reconnect original lcd and test ect ect

Process of elimination will lead us to the answer here :)

Update (05/15/2019)

Interesting , i must say i’ve only had them in for lcd replacement so havnt’t looked into this much . the next one to come through my store i’ll be sure to test and report back.

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No, this was 2 different phones in 2 different time. I talked to another tech in my area and he also told me that he had the same problem. This is not that I broke something, this is Apple did something to mess up things again.

read a comment before yours and you can see that another guy had the same problem with various of phones from XR to XS Max.

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