Where can I buy the 40 pin LVDS connector for this?

Customer gave me this iMac to look at. They took it apart themselves and now it has no display.

I've already replaced the LVDS cable as it was damaged on the logic board end. But even with the new cable only 3 of the diagnostic LEDs come on. Although the iMac functions fully via a HDMI adapter

So it looks like the LVDS needs replacing on the board however I can't seem to find the correct 40pin connector online for this model

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Try contacting

I-PEX Connectors

2305 Donley Drive, Suite 110 Austin, TX 78758 512-339-4739



Was hoping for possibly a UK source but looks like I may need to contact I-PEX directly



GaryE - Any luck?


Not been in touch yet. I'm not sure the exact specifications of the connector that I need.

I know it's a 40 pin ipex but I assume I will need other specs as there's several different sizes


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