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La nuova versione del 2013 della serie di Mac fissi conosciuta come Mac Pro.

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Upper air seal broken


Just now while cleaning my Late 2013 Mac Pro, the upper air seal that's in the shell of the cylinder partially disintegrated causing it to fall in half. Most of the strip is still there, but part of it is hanging down. I can still put the shell back on and manually guide the seal back against the shell as it closes. However, I am wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a replacement seal that goes around the upper part of the cylinder shell?

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Would you post a photo so we know exactly what you are talking about?


Here is a photo of inside the top of the exterior shell, this shows the seal I'm talking about.


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I would use some B7000 adhesive and a pair of tweezers and reinsert it. I have no idea if this is sold as a separate part.

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Using B7000 adhesive worked! Thanks!


Glad it worked for you ;-)


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