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The entry-level version of the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Notebook lacks the higher-end hardware complement of its pricier siblings. The battery life puts many other laptops – gaming or not – to shame.

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headphones plugged in but still coming from the speakers

I have my headphones plugged in, just normal out of the box headphones but when i play ANY video game they stop working. I’m talking i’m watching youtube and its fine but the second I alt + tab to don’t starve it comes through my speakers. I have attempted to update the drivers but it says there isn’t any new ones, and I have made sure that the headphones are set to default in the sound panel but it still isn’t helping

Edit: forgot to mention that I can’t change the speaker volume with headphones plugged in, so even my if my headphones are muted if i switch to a game it keeps playing at whatever volume the speakers are at.

Update (04/02/2019)

I didn’t know that there is a sounds driver and an audio driver so i was just trying to update sounds when i needed to update audio… it works now

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Hi Nick

On Device Manager, what is your audio manufacturer?

i suggest you to update your graphic card drivers and BIOS, try this solution if it works.

what is your headphone model btw?


ill try the first things in a second, but first idk what the headphones are. they came with my new Samsung galaxy s10 but it is happening with my headset as well so...


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search your settings for app specific audio. Make sure you dont have games set to default to the speakers.

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