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Model A1311 / Mid 2011 / 2.5 & 2.7 GHz Core i5 or 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Broke power button connector on logic board

Working through an ssd upgrade and the wires popped out of the connector that I believe is the power button connection on the logic board. Wires are still in good shape, just need to replace the connector but having trouble finding it. Could also hard wire the wires back to the board, but not sure of polarity. Is there a way to test? I know the power putton is just a small voltage switch that triggers a relay.

Also, is it safe to power up the device without the screen installed? just for the sake of having to re-dissassemble if I get the polarity wrong.

Here’s my shoddy pic

Block Image

Update (03/25/2019)

Sure thing. I can’t find the little black connector that these exposed wires were harnessed into, it got fairly obliterated during removal. So perfect solution would be to find a replacement connector and just get these wires back into there the correct way.

I understand this pin out is simple a toggle for the power switch, and was thinking of soldering them directly back to the board. I was told polarity shouldn’t matter, which is an issue since I dont’ know which wire came off which terminal.

Taking another look tonight, however, i realize its going to be a super tight area to try and solder into. So I’m basically looking for a coupling solution, hopefully the original part but any other ideas are very welcome. Pics below

Block Image

Block Image

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Can you try a few more pics as its hard to see whats damaged. Use a book or other object to steady the camera on and add a bit more light. Take a pic of the board and one of the cable connector end and the loose wire.


Much better!


Any thoughts?


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the connector is a Molex 53261-8602. Here is the schematic of how it is connected and “wired”.

Block Image

Looks like connecting pins 1 and 2 would bridge the switch

Update (03/27/2019)

53261-0271 is a 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade Header, Surface Mount, Right-Angle, 2 Circuits, Tin (Sn) Plating. Here is the engineering drawing for the connector.

Block Image

The Molex 53261 connector series goes up to 17 circuits. Check the last line of the legend on the right. It will show you the dimension of the connector needed for your logic board. Do not rely on stock images to determine the connector

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That's awesome info, thanks. The receptacle on the board basically fell apart during repair attempt, so unless I can find the whole part (plug and receptable) this project is gonna be more "experimental". Gonna have to finally replace this beast as I don't wanna plunk down almost four hundred bucks for a new (used) logic board.

Maybe I'll pull the logic board out and try to pin out from the other side, but I guess its time to get a new production machine.


Are both parts damaged? From the photos, it seems that the receptacle on the motherboard is OK, but maybe I'm not seeing it right.

That having been said, it looks like the receptacle is surface-mount. If so, you're not going to be able to solder from the other side. But (again, based on your photos) it seems like the pins from the receptacle are exposed so you might be able to solder a new receptacle to the board if you have steady enough hands to do that.

As for the wire, if you can get a new plug, it shouldn't be that hard to attach it to the wire. The only real concern here is if there is enough slack for you to cut off the damaged end and and still have a long enough cable to reach where it needs to go.

Unfortunately, Google searches for Molex 53261-8602 either fail to produce a link with an image or they find completely different parts, so its hard for me to say much more than that.


Great info guys, thanks. The board is exposed enough to solder directly on. It’s just the metal is pretty well demolished. I’ll see if I can pull of a soldering miracle


Those dimensions are making sense now...gonna order one and see where the journey takes me. THanks everyone!


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