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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Discharges faster than it can charge

Hi, I have a iPad Air 2. For ages it wouldn’t go past 2 percent but I have just managed to get it to fully charge by restarting several times then turning it off with the slider. It got to 100%. However if I look in the battery life app. It says -300 ma with the charger in, (it says -800 without charger) will replacing the battery fix this? Or is it a problem with the charging port too? Charger works fine with other devices (12w) and battery life app also says it’s holding 7% less charge than original.

advice aprecheated thanks :)

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I recommend getting a USB ammeter. If it is drawing power from the charger only while the screen is on and not while it is off it is sometimes the power management chip.

Charger port sounds okay so it’s probably going to be either Power management chip or charging chip.

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@benjamen50 benjamen50

Update, it’s saying +400mah when the display brightness is on the lowest setting, and -300 when on the highest. I turned it off and managed to get to 100% again. It’s pulling power when off and on but only when brightness is down and it has a decent amount of charge, Any ideas? Thanks :)


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If you had the device for a long time and it has stopped charging efficiently, then I believe you were right in suspecting a bad battery. Try replacing it with a fresh new one to see if that doesn’t help.

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Yes you should purchase a new battery.

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