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A1708 / EMC 3164 — Lanciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro entry-level conserva i tradizionali tasti funzione (invece della Touch Bar OLED.

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Backlight oddly? not working/Screen damage/Screen replacement?

Hello everyone, nice to join such a great community. Nevertheless, I weren’t able to find my problem on the forum, therefore I created this topic.

So basically very little of water got into the screen (got into the space under the writing “Macbook Pro” and the backlight stopped working (I could only see icons after I flashed the screen with a light). I gave it to the apple place to get it checked and they told me the replacement of screen is necessary and here comes my question. As I would like to minimize the costs, would I be better off by purchasing the screen assembly off aliexpress and replacing it by myself ? I would purchase some screwdrivers for macbook from amazon and follow the youtube guide. Thank you in advance for helping me ! :)

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The screen replacement costs 650 euro here. Or maybe is there something I could repair by myself instead of replacing whole screen.


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some of the older jet black macs are having problems with the display cables wearing out over time. i hate to say it but the best option is to just replace the screen

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