Fixing the major keys?

Recenty I bought a Bluetooth MightyMouse from eBay - but, as it turned out, its functionality is only 50%.

What does not work:

  • the left (primary) key
  • the right (secondary) key
  • the middle key

What does work:

  • the mouse pointer resp. the laser electronics
  • the scrollball
  • the two keys on the side

Now it would be shame to throw the mouse away.

BTW: The innards of a BT Mighty Mouse are imho quite different from those of a USB cable Mighty Mouse.

Is there any way to fix it?

Thank you!

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Pretty much anything can be fixed. Whether or not it's cost-effective to do so is up for debate.

You will need to disassemble the mouse to start, clean things up, and see what's going on in there.


Hi Steve,

pardon me, but I forgot to mention that the mouse in question is a Bluetooth gadget. The video tube is therefore not suited for my means because it's about cleaning the scrollball . This is not part of my problem.

Thank you anyway


The video shows how to take the mouse apart; that's relevant to your situation, and my previous advice stands.


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