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Internal usb ports no detected

I bought a MBP A1226 with a little bump right next to the power connector.

This is the diagnosis.

System Profile:

Left usb not recognized

keyboard / trackpad not recognized

Bluetooth not recognized

The left USB port can power a mouse, but no data.

Power button works perfect.

Backlight keyboard works

Only the right USB port works.

I disassemble the MBP and not seen any deterioration in logic boards or the keyboard. It is perfect.

It seems that internal usb hub appears in the

System Profile (I think they are 8 ports)

but only detects the isight camera (sometimes) and the external right usb .

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

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Pjierre might be right about the left IO board but the internal USB (which connects keyboard and trackpad) seems to have failed too. It's powered by the little chip on the board underneath the trackpad. Try to operate the computer without the battery and see if that changes anything. Bulging batteries can apply undue pressure onto that board. I think that you might have to replace the topcase, because there is no way to change the trackpad circuit board alone.

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Thank you for your comments.

All data come from the processor U2300 usb, I think is one of the Intel chip.

My solution was to disconnect the ribbon cable that powers the keyboard and tackpad, and connect a USB cable to the outside through the Kensington hole.

And through a 4 ports USB hub, connect the keyboard to the hub.

I have no infrared or bluethoth but the keyboard is 100x 100 working.

These are photos of the installation:



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Sounds like you need a new left I/O board. i beleive for your MacBook pro it's part number 661-5632 (MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.4/2.2GHz)

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I changed a new left I/O board.

The MacBook still does not detect usb ports


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