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The QiCycle Folding Electric Bike is Xiaomi’s first foray into the world of e-bikes. It has a 250W high-speed motor powered by Panasonic 18650 lithium batteries. The Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear hub in combination with the torque measurement sensor gives you up to 45km bike power on a single charge. It also has a trip computer can connect to your smartphones via their special app and is–of course–foldable.

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Can't charge anymore the battery


I’ve just bought the Xiaimo QiCycle bike, and I was so happy of my purchase.

I’ve ride it to my work for a few time before winter, and I put it in the garage waiting for better days.

The sun comes finaly earlier, and when i tried to charge the battery, nothing works…

I noticed that once connected to the charger, the green led of the charger did not turn red (charging indicator), while the indicator of the bike tells me that it is completely discharged

This green led stay to green, and do not charge the battery:(

Could you tell me what to do to find out if the problem is with the charger or the battery?

Thanks a lot for your responses !

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I'm having the exact same issue. 1 day old bike :(


the most i was able to dig up is a replacment batery for you..

have you used a multi meter to see what the power reading is coming from the charger?

company doesn’t offer any support or replacement parts that i could find.

replacement battery -


thanks for your response, but it does not answer to my question...

Could you tell me the right state of the charger led when the charger is connected to AC/DC input, but disconnected from the battery ?

Not connected to the battery, this led should be green, red, or turned off ?


Update (03/07/2019)

I managed to recharge part of the battery (60%) by doing the following:

1. connect the charger to the battery

2. connect the charger to the power supply

3. wait for the sound click of the charger

4. unplug the charger from the power supply

5. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 several times until the red LED starts to appear.

Maybe it will work for you Andrew


Can't seem to get that to work for me. I also bought a new charger and it also doesn't charge the battery :(

When you are doing steps above, are you pulling out the cable from the wall and plugging it back in each time?


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Soluzione Prescelta

I had the same issue and looked for a solution for months. I left my bike over the winter and when i tried to charge it, i couldn't.

It seems the battery went into "sleep mode", something lithium batteries do if they remain fully drained for more than a few weeks. The reason the charger remains green is that it doesn't detect the battery due to its low voltage. When i tested the battery with a multimeter i was getting 1.5v rather than a healthy battery's 40v.


Put the battery in the bike. Lift up the front wheel and spin it backwards, as if going in reverse. The white LED lights on the battery should blink. You are basically forcing a charge into the battery through the motor. You need to keep doing this until you get the voltage up to around 18v. At that point the charger detects the battery, turns red, and charges as normal.

The reason this can't be done via the charger is that the charger is "smart". A chip deactivates it if no battery is detected. You can hear the deactivation click after a few seconds of plugging in the battery. Until that click your battery was charging.

I used that as a shortcut to spinning the wheel which takes ages. I keep plugging in the battery, and unplugging at the click. If you have the multimeter connected to the other end of the battery at the same time you can see the voltage slowly increase. Keep at it until the chip detect the battery and turn the light red.

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Wow! Very interesting. How long did you need to spin the front wheel backwards. Approximately?


@w.andrew.lee Hi, Did you solved the issue with the new battery?

I have the same issue,


It's works with me. I turn handlebar reverse and bike for about 2 KM. Put the charger back and it can charge again (light turn red and charge about 10 hour to full). Many Thanks @mansaf


It's not working for me. I have been spinning the front wheel for about 15 minutes. The battery lights started flashing. Sometimes two of the (first and third), or all of them. I don't know what is the meaning of that. Still not working.


@w.andrew.lee it takes forever by spinning the wheel, i that for about an hour using a power drill. Then i used the charger as i described before to get it up to 18v


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That did the trick for me!

Pluging the charger (which remained green) until hearing a click sound, which happened after 1 or 2 seconds after Pluging the charger). When I heard the diud, unplugged the cable that connects the charger to the power supply, and waited until the green light turned off. Then plug the cable in again, and repeated thd process about 39 times, approximately, until instead of seeing a green light in the charger, the light was red. At this point I left the charger connected to the power supply and the battery was charged normally!

Thank you to the guy who suggested this method (see above). It did work perfectly well, like a charm!!!

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I meant " when I heard the click sound" (not "when I heard the diud")


Thank you also to the other suggestions, which I did no try, like riding the bike with the front wheel going backwards for 10 km or 10 miles. This seems to work too. Another one was the use of a driller to move the front wheel backwards, to charge the battery a bit and allow the charger to detec it.



I did the plug-in and unplug after charger click sound about 10~15 times until led turned red in the charger. Awesome. It started charging at 0% battery and stayed at 0% for about 30min after that it started going up in %.

Thanks for advice and I’m happy I didn’t need to order new battery :)


It works! Thank you Marcelo Garcia


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I’ve just recieved my new charger sent for free by Geekbuying.


My two batteries are now fully charged !!!! YES !

So this is the answer i was looking for :

In good working use, you have to first plug the charger to the battery, and then plug the charger to the power supply.

  1. Then the led lights to green.
  2. After a few seconds, the charger detects that the battery is not fully charged, and the light turns red (permanent, not blinking).
  3. When the battery is fully charged, the led turns green permanent.

My broken charger make a little sound, like an electrical relay which close or can’t close at the moment it should turn to red (step 2). But the charger is not demountable, so i can’t do anything…

A new charger is not so expensive and you could find one on Ali express

The 220v wire has a type of plug very common in CEE on charger side (like a radio), so even if you find only a UK version of the charger, you’ll easily find a french version of the plug

In fact, Carmello Castellano in his comment on 7 march had given the answer… Thank you !

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Fantastic! I'm glad you could also solve your issue! Looks like your issue was with your charger and my issue was with my battery.


that's it !!


I have a weird issue with my battery, when I plug the charger port to the battery it turns red for 7 seconds, then back to green, it remains forever green, wait some seconds plug it again the same process it repeats any solution ?


Could any one tell me the right state of the charger led when the charger is connected to AC/DC input, but disconnected from the battery ?

Not connected to the battery, this led should be green, red, or turned off


It should be green until it is plugged into the battery and then it should turn red.


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I had the same "symptoms", as described here. The Plug/Unplug technique didn't seem to work, although hearing the clicking sound.

After opening up the rear part of the battery to reveal the BMS, I could see the plug for balancing the cells (the plug with many wires attached) wasn't connected cleanly/flush. Looked like a production quality issue. After reconnecting my battery recharges fine. Just in case someone needs to hear this

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A bit late to the discussion, but I’m having the same issue as well. Tried the front wheel method, didn’t work. Tried the plug unplug method, nothing. Got myself a multimeter to check on the battery and it’s giving me 0.6V every time. Though sometimes I do get the blinking white LEDs on the battery indicator.

Does this mean the battery is beyond saving, or is there still hope to revive this one?

Any help to save me from €400 battery is really appreciated :(

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hello, maybe you should first buy a new charger before buying a new battery ? I have proceed like you, at the end the problem was the charger !


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