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A 3.6 V screwdriver powered by Black and Decker. Repair requires only common tools.

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How do I remove/replace batteries in BLACK and DECKER


DP240 TYPE 2.

IT would not charge/ or hold a charge in the end. Found the replacement batteries at BATTERIES PLUS BULBS, the tech said the company would not allow them to un-solder

the batteries , so I purchased the strapped batteries and will install them myself but I need help in safely removing the old batteries and installing them without damaging the circuit board or its components.

WIllie E Brown

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Follow these steps for replacing the Black and Decker.

  1. Firstly, Remove the screws.
  2. Remove the black sticker.
  3. Opening the plastic tool to pry cashing apart.
  4. Remove the plastic slider by picking it up off the screwdriver.
  5. Now, Remove the handle Screw and plastic tools.
  6. Using pliers or your fingers, remove the leads os the battery.

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