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The LG 60LM6450 is a 60-inch LED television released in 2012. It supports 3D video with glasses at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

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Turrns on blinks 3x and turns off

I bought this LG TV off BestBuy about 2 years ago and this week I went to turn my TV on nothing turns on. The Red blinking light blinks 3 times before it what seems to be shuts down.

TV model in the device is wrong I could not find it on here so here is the model of the tv and what I have tried.

TV Model:

LG65UH5500-UA it’s a smart tv (not sure if that matters or not).

What I have tried:

Wiggling all the cables making sure they are all in.-no result

Removing all the cables and just tv plugged into the wall.- LG logo came on for a split second and turned back off, when I tried to turn it on again I was back to my same problem.

Removed the outlet off the wall and held the power button for 30 seconds then let the TV rest for about 6 hours- LG logo comes on and off but still goes back to the same problem.

Any hints or help would be appreciated thank you all for reading and any comments.

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Did your problem got resolved? I have same problem now.


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There are three possible reasons that would cause you to face this issue;

  • Power board is faulty and/or dead. This would require a replacement of the board
  • Main board is faulty and/or dead. This would also require a replacement of the board.
  • Backlight LED Strips are fault and/or dead. This would require a complete disassembly of the T.V. to expose the LED Strips in order to manually test each LED to ensure they are working.

The issue is that it could be either one of these three issues or it can be a series of them. I would recommend that you start with the power board then the main board ending with the backlight as the process involved to repair the backlight LED strips requires advanced technical knowledge and time.

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Is it possible to test out the power and main boards before replacing them? I checked the prices for the replacement and it would be cheaper to just buy a brand new tv then to repair it from the cost of the parts


This would require another T.V. to test them,


I do have another older TV that is also LG but that one has a problem where there is sound but no screen so I need to fix that one as well LG seems to be having faulty tvs


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this is usually caused by a open led in the panel

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I had a problem on a similar model. The mainboard needed a solder reflow, specifically, the XD CPU chip under the big heatsink. I wrote up the process in detail at, but it’s the same as any BGA reflow: Remove the heatsink to expose the troublesome chip, optionally add flux, shield the surrounding area with foil, heat the bottom, and use an oven reflow of your choice.

I used a cheap heatgun, with the 550 F setting (low), heating the underside of the board for a little over a minute, and then heating the top side for four minutes, with the heatgun always moving in small circles.

You can also take the board to a repair shop to get the chip professionally removed and re-balled. eBay has a number of services that will do this by mail.

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