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Lanciato il 21 settembre 2018. Modelli A2097, A2098. Disponibile come GSM o CDMA / eSIM o nanoSIM / 64, 256 o 512 GB /Argento, Oro o Grigio Siderale. (Si legge "iPhone 10 S").

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How can I get a rear housing for the XS?

Long story short, girlfriend broke her phone. We got the screen replaced but nobody in my area can fix the rear housing which is causing force touch not to work, as well as making the display pop out of the housing. I can replace it, I just need to know how I can get one since they seem to be non-existent. Even though the X and XS Max both have a multitude of parts available.

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pretty expensive for an aftermarket.

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4 Commenti: beat me by a few seconds :>)...


LMAO I guess i'm pretty quick haha :)


Do you know of a place where I could get a gold one? If not I'll just get her a silver replacement


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