permamently pushed OPTIONS button


I am trying to repair controller with - what looks like permamently pushed OPTIONS button.

When i connect it to PC it shows me that it is always pushed. However on when i connect it to PS4 it not working at all.

Block Image

I found out that this little “gold” smd button on PCB has a scratch or bump on it and as i understant it can make it “permanently pushed“. Controller had some some signs of “abuse“ :) and this model have this plastic part touching button (not rubber one like the others)- i think its possible to “push it too hard” so it can be damaged.

So my question is - is only option to save this to replace the motherboard or can i desolder it? and replace this small gold button? - will it work with soldering iron or do i need hot air soldering station for this?

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Please share photos of the said part


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