My Galaxy S8 phone won't pair up to phone anymore

Hi my Galaxy S8 worked great flying the Mavic pro until I went to charge phone on vacation in the Philippines and moisture detected came up on phone. Said unplug phone moisture detected. Phone never got wet. Just humid there. I waited days and phone still never cleared out. Google it found a way to clear that code. But now drone will not connect to phone. Everything else on phone works great. I've had other people with drones try mine to make sure it's not a issue with the drone itself and worked great. If you have any suggestions or ideas to get it to pair up again would be great!! I did delete app and reinstall app again so that's not it.

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Hi @lineman9 ,

Check in the phone's WiFi settings to see if the "Mavic" network is still being shown?

If so try "forget this network" and then reconnect to it


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