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Il modello Huawei al top della gamma 2017, lanciato nel marzo dello stesso anno. Caratterizzato da un corpo monoscocca e da un sistema con doppia fotocamera posteriore sviluppato in collaborazione con Leica. A scelta con memoria interna da 32 o 64 GB e sei differenti tipi di finitura. Numeri modello VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00.

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Trouble after screen replacement

Hi everyone. Just to let everyone know that I'm sort of a dummy when it comes to phones and tech, but also new to here so sorry if I misplaced this question. So here goes.. I've broken my huawei p10 screen and had it replaced together with the lcd. After a day, when it was done and went and picked it up, I noticed that the scrolling isn't as smooth as it used to be, but much, much slower.. Sort of laggy. Also when I tap the screen there is this small, shadow like dot that appears on the left hand side and as soon as I let go of the screen it goes away. When it came back from the shop I had some apps that have doubled(two icons), that I deleted in the meantime. Anyone know what the deal is here? I googled and looked but couldn't find anything simmilar to my situation. Thanks

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Thanks! The screen does sit a little funny and isn’t completely pushed in on one side. They do offer a warranty so I’ll take it back for them to have a look. Thanks again!


Sounds like a plan! Glad I could help.


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Sorry you’re having this issue, and welcome to iFixit by the way!

That sounds like a faulty screen was installed on the phone. It’s not a huge deal if the place you got the repair from offers a warranty on the screen installed. All I know is it sounds like an issue with the new screen installed, and a new screen replacement should solve the issue.

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