2001 accord vtech 5-speed manual no crank no start alarm going off

My 2001 accord vtech 5 speed manual. The drivers door was changed before i bought it and the guy told me if I unlock from the drivers side that the alarm would go off. So I accidentally did a few times the alarm would go off and it would still start. I parked it and noticed the alarm going off then quit. 5 mins later I tried to start it and it wouldn't even turn over. The green key flashes and goes off as should. All lights come on correctly. But I cab get it to turn over. Ive checked all fuses and relays. Just a clicking under the glove compartment. I can push crank it.turn the lights on the alarm quits going off and it drives fines. Just can't get key to crank or start it please help my used car only lasted two days smh?????

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