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Want to remove 43UJ6300 series wifi board/replace it

Does anyone have a guide or some way to tell me how to remove the back cover of the 43UJ6300 series TV to get to the WIFI board.

Pretty sure my WIFI Board is dead, I can buy the part myself but can’t seem to figure out how to remove the back cover without breaking it. Any help would be appreciated.

Also wondering if the TV will still function if the WIFI board is completely removed (don’t care about WIFI really as right now I am getting “unknown device is disconnected” wish I am assuming is the WIFI board.

My warranty already gone (TV 16 months old) - taking to a service center or having someone come look at it going to cost around 150-200 bucks from contacting/looking at these prices they charge in my area.

Update (12/31/2018)

I already tried resetting, clearing the ports, unplugging the cables, updating. None works. It has to be the WIFI board as the WIFI doesn't work (it seems to be a common issue with this series of TVs after looking online) and I found other comments of people replacing the WIFI board by a tech and it fixing it. It a 50/50 as right now, I have to use "STORE" mode in order to get rid of the notifications but I can't change the screen resolution. I can find the WIFI board parts on ebay and some other sites so it seems to be separate from the main board.

If it wasn't for the "unknown device is disconnected" every few minutes, I wouldn't care as I don't use the WIFI really. If i reset, the error pops up after a few minutes with nothing plugged in. I also tried removing the batteries from my remotes to rule that out as well.

The module I found here which seems to be just a addon:

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I have the same issue! I'd like to know, where did you buy the wireless board? and if you have the number part of that board?



My 43UJ6300 was also losing its Wifi signal and in fact, wouldn't even pick up the available wifi networks when searching. I came across this thread. I followed the directions. The cover was REALLY hard to remove and I think I may have put a crack in it trying to get it off. But I finally did and I located the Wifi module. I removed it, cleaned it, tried to get the cable off but couldn't. I just tried my best to tighten the cable and straighten the ribbon. Replaced the module.

Put the cover back on and voila! It seems to be working. Thanks so much for the thread! In my case, I have no hardwire or active Ethernet cable input so the Wifi for Streaming is all I have for this TV.

Thanks again!


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I was having the same problem and it was driving me totally nuts. I spent some time watching tv teardown/ repair videos and decided to give it a try. My tv was out of warranty anyway.

Tools used: Philips screwdrivers #0 & #2, iFixit -jimmy & angled tweezers

Tv model info: 43UJ6300-UA, manufactured Aug 2017

**Sorry for the crap photos/formatting of this post**

Place the tv screen down on a flat surface. Remove all screws from the back of the tv with philips #2.

To remove back panel of the tv, start from bottom near the power button. I pulled gently up on the bottom of the power button housing to start. Once you start getting the panel loose you should have room now to slide the power button housing around a little bit.

Block Image

Block Image

It’s connected to a cable so carefully remove it using the angled tweezers and set aside. You now have access to a small silver screw that was located behind the power button. Unscrew using philips #0 .

Block Image

Carefully start pulling the plastic backing up from the spot where the power button used to be. I had to use my jimmy a bit around the top edges of the tv, but it came up pretty quickly and easily. You will hear some clicks as the plastic latches are coming undone, but as long as you lift everything up gently, you’ll be fine.

Once the plastic back is removed, you’ll find the wifi module bracket next to the right speaker.

Block Image

There is only one screw holding this bracket in place.

Block Image

Remove the screw, but hold the module steady as it’ll start to move with the screw as you turn. Its connected to a cable, so be careful you don’t tug on that accidentally. Next, using the tweezers again gently unplug the cable.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

To remove the wifi module from the bracket, simply push back on the small plastic tabs on the right. The module will pop out easy.

Reinstall the bracket. ( I didn’t have a replacement module, so I just popped the empty bracket back into place.)

Plug the power button cable back in

Block Image

Put the plastic cover back on. Starting from the top of the tv, push down around the sides. You’ll hear the plastic clicking as you close the latches.

While you still have a little space at the bottom, reinstall the small silver screw under the power button. Then slide the power button housing back into place. Finish pushing down around the side at the bottom until you don’t hear any more clicks.

Reinstall the screws on the back, and you’re done!

Here is a picture of the module itself if you’re looking to buy a replacement.

Block Image

Fired up my playstation and put on some long youtube videos as a test. Everything is working fine. No more annoying error popping up every 2 minutes!

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My problem was the cable , Straiten out the bends in the cable from the WiFi module to the main board. WiFi will start working again


Absolutely agree with George.creamer. My cable ribbon was pretty kinked. I unplugged it, flattened it out, and voila! Worked like a charm! Thank you so much!!!


I followed Rachel’s steps after I noticed I was having the same problem with this model. Although, I only needed to reset the WiFi module (unplug the cable then plug it back in). Tested some Netflix and it started playing before I sealed everything up again. Was glad I did not need to buy a replacement module!

Side note: don’t forget to unscrew all the black screws on the back of the TV before moving on to unlatching. There is one hiding by the HDMI ports and another in between the red and white component ports.


Addendum to Rachel’s post: Power button and screw behind it doesn’t need to be taken out as it’s not part of the back case. There are four latches on either side of the TV with the first located right at the bottom extrusion line. Taking the case off was hardly simple and was done using two spudgers and a plastic lever to force the latches to unclip.

I can also confirm that like Zach, all you need to do was unhitch the Wi-Fi module (disconnect by pressing down on the white latch on the ribbon cable) and then reconnect when you hear a click. Make sure there is no dust.


I had the exact same problem described here, and I could successfully fix the issue by detaching/re-attaching the cable. When I visually checked, I couldn’t find any dust, but I cleaned it with colorcoral. I am not sure it was the magic touch, but I am very glad that it is working now. Thank you all for sharing your stories here. Let’s see how long it will last. Cheers!


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usually you just remove all the screws on the back and sometimes it lifts off but there could also be clips holding it which you would need to try and locate

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