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extremely hot, and not turning on!

So i washed my shuffle and got it revived after that, but later the next day it just turned off after red light while in a usb port and started heating up i barely burned my apt with it, i opened it and welded a new battery in but it still just keeps heating like a volcano and doenst connect no nothing, is there a hope or is it dead for good?

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Sounds like something is shorting out on the logic board. To be honest these things are impossible and hard to repair so you would probably be better off getting a used shuffle from eBay.

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thank you, and last one stroke, any lead where to look on the board? I like hardcore xD


I looked around for about 10-15 min and couldn't find one. Again, your best bet is to buy a used one on sites like eBay because they are generally dirt cheap nowadays.


Thanks for the advice Trev. Unfortunately i live in a country where it ISN'T a dirt cheap lil gadget, its sold used for 36 $ (original priced 45$) here in my place, and that is no cheap, ill try my luck with the board =)


Ah ok, in the USA you can source these things for about $15 used on sites like letgo or offerup. My bad for assuming that it was the same everywhere!


yea i get it! Wow 15 bucks, that is truly cheap! Wish i lived in USA =(


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