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Uno smarthone Android prodotto da Samsung lanciato nel gennaio 2017.

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How do I disable retail mode?

I need some help... I bought this model for a good price from a chain store but I can’t remove the retail mode… I can’t even find the way to put passwords in like 5444 etc.

Please help!

Thank you all.

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Simple. This is a anti-theft regiment. Just take it back to the store and ask them to remove it. It was used as a demo unit so you should have gotten a deeply discounted price.

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If not for the AMOLED burn the phone is (inevitably) going to have there are enough unknowns that you should expect it just in case. Every Samsung demo I've seen has screen burn.

I'd expect 60-70% off to even give the phone a chance because you know it's going to be worse then the business as usual end user screen burn. End-user burn can be masked; not retail. Super AMOLED isn't as bad as it is on phones like my retail S6 but demo life is bad for these things.


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In most cases, the demo phones use a specific ROM that Samsung does not use on normal retail phones me and you normally purchase. These demo phones typically need to be reflashed with the retail ROM or it will always be present on the phone, albeit neutralized. Since you have one of these, check if it has an IMEI. The Galaxy S Retail demo phones lack this, so while it’s less likely on this phone (it’s cheap enough most stores will pull a retail unit with an IMEI out of the box and enable the demo mode), you need to double check while you can return it.

If the phone has the normal Retail ROM that isn’t specific to demo phones, the app can be removed with a factory reset. On the demo ROM, disable the app IMMEDIATELY and never enable it again once it’s removed. I don’t know about the viability of flashing a normal ROM to these phones (it likely has a different signature and probably uses the KNOX boot signature enforcement the US carriers love) so you may be stuck with it on this one.

I’m going to mirror @mayer here to a certain extent. The codes are available if you look (but may not work) and can be found if you have to as a last resort, but I’m not going to help you find them because the risk of being an accessory is too great. Go to the store you purchased it from and get them to deal with it first and don’t let them say no and push you away; they should have disabled this before you left the store.

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