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Rilasciato a luglio 2018, il MacBook Pro da 15", modello A1989, adotta uno schermo retroilluminato a LED da 15,4" con tecnologia True tone, Touch ID e processore fino a esa-core Intel Core i9.

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Is there any way to slow down USB C wear?

On nearly every MacBook Pro 2016 and onwards I see that at first the ports have a very nice tactile click when you plug something into them, they are tight and don’t feel loose.

However after a few months there is no tactile click and the port feels lose so much so connections can become intermittent I see this a lot when repairing them Especially 12 inch MacBooks (there is only one port to wear down). i’m just wondering if there is a way this can be prevented other than not plugging anything In.

I understand ports wear down over time but my 2018 MacBook Pro is already suffering this on the port I use to charge top right hand side.

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I’m suspecting the port you use for power is the one thats worn. The only option I can offer is to use a break-away cable system (a.k.a. MagSafe) for your USB-C connection, there are a few out there that will work.

Block Image

Your other option if you are constantly using a USB device is to go with a hub. While that won’t cut down on the initial connection (hub to system) if you are constantly connecting and disconnecting devices it can reduce that wear to the hubs ports, besides, you don’t need as many dongles.

Lastly, Apple was smart! Unlike the older models which had the ports mounted on the logic board so far all of the USB-C ported system use an independent part for the ports. So you can replace them! MacBook Pro (A1989, A1990, A2289, A2141 Mid 2018-2020) USB-C Board & MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly

Block Image

13” MacBook Air 2018 USB-C ports

Immagine MacBook Pro (A1989, A1990, A2289, A2141 Mid 2018-2020) USB-C Board


MacBook Pro (A1989, A1990, A2289, A2141 Mid 2018-2020) USB-C Board


Immagine MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly


MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly


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Yeah I think the MagSafe option is the best way to slow the process down am thanks for the multiple solutions, but am I the only one having this issue or do you feel that they do degrade quite quick. my flagship phone uses USB C and I don't see the wear that I see on my laptops or customer ones.


Still using the older Unibody systems my self ;-} I wanted more RAM and serviceable RAM & storage than the retina models offered. While I would love to get a more powerful system, I'll wait until Apple smartens up.

I look at this way... A bike services one quite well in the city and a Jeep does well on the dirt roads in the country, and a Porsche does well on the autobahn! Each uses different paths which all can be parallel of each other! This holds true with connectivity as well. USB-A is great for slow I/O needs (keyboards, trackpads & mouse), USB-C for high speed I/O needs (drives), and Ethernet for the long haul internet connections.

USB-C is not ideal for power or slow device connections as the connection is too fragile between the pins size being small (really can't handle high current loads) and the likelihood of damage when you trip over the cord. And, the high wear one tends to put with wired keyboard & mouses constantly being connected. I love Bluetooth! There are a lot of places you can't use it and USB security keys require USB-A (without something in the middle which would be a security breach)!

If Apple had thought it through a bit they could have had their cake and ate it too! Look at the cable I posted now think if they had depressed the back two USB-C ports so the Plug part was just flush to the case when used Then I would have been happy! Still has its limits from a current perspective but at least it would have made a better system: USB-C MagSafe built-in!

Now they need to add in two USB-A ports and Ethernet and I would be happy from a ports perspective!


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