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A portable and water resistant outdoor speaker designed by Bose for uniform coverage from any angle. Bluetooth, voice commands and auxiliary connections allow multiple connections options for up to 12 hours of use. A lightweight version of the Bose Soundlink Revolve+.

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Speaker is totally dead


My speaker is dead , the battery charging light flashes on and off but if you disconnect from the charger there are no sings of life


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I have the same problem can someone help me with that my speaker is just 30 days out of the warranty period


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Hi Chris,

I’ve had this problem too. Finally got it sorted by updating the firmware. You can download an app from BOSE onto your computer and then re-launch the website you downloaded it from. It took about 5 mins to update and works perfectly again!

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This worked for me on two speakers that I thought were finished, thanks!


I also have the same problem. totally dead just a flashing red light. and after updating the speaker firmware back to normal life. but after 2 months it turns off again with a flashing red light. please the solution. thanks


...but how can I update the firmware if the speaker is TOTALLY DEAD AND WILL NOT CHARGE? The speaker refuses to recognize the USB when I connect it to computer.


@mr_butty check (and possibly change) the battery first. That way your speaker will have power to accept an update of the Firmware through the USB connection.


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