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Created November 5, 1955, by Doc Brown Enterprises

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Why is my flux capacitor not fluxing?

I went to 1955 and back to 2018 and when i got back it was flashing faster?

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mine stopped working when I wanted to go back 20yrs to 1998. Needed to stop a stupid mistake from happening. Problem can't be fixed, lol


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That’s to big a jump for the basic flux capacitor. Limit your jumps to 30 years until you upgrade. Please tell us the exact model number of your machine. The temporal demodulation coils have overheated on yours. Read the directions before opening, the Dymo warning label SHIELD EYES FROM LIGHT is placed across the glass panel, Accessing the flux capacitor safely requires disconnection of the capacitor drive, as the Dymo warning label at the top of the unit states — DISCONNECT CAPACITOR DRIVE BEFORE OPENING — points out. Use a good radiation suit and Waldos to do this.

If your model is using the plutonium-powered nuclear reactor you are at risk when replacing the fuel rods. I would advise upgrading to the Mr. Fusion home energy generator from the future that is fueled by extracting hydrogen atoms from garbage. You can also make longer jumps without risk using the updated model.

I advise going to the future first and getting your upgrade, then you can go back to the past at far less risk.

Please be very careful in the past. The space-time continuum is very resilient but dramatic actions can cause severe paradoxes resulting in dramatic unexpected changes. Best to stay with small changes like using whoopee cushions in politicians chairs. I like the auto-inflating ones

These Waldos (also known as a Telemanipulator device) will work for you when handling the plutonium:

Block Image

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Thanks will make guide for other time travelers like me!


@thatretro Bobby, don't bother I made that guide in 2022 . Posted it on iFixit and on in a virtual walk thru using a 6.5k holographic version. You will need a i16 Intel processor and 256 GB of RAM and the Oculus Eternity headset to view it. The sound is not that great but sound is not my forte. The plutonium was not that high of a grade ( it was the captured Iranian stuff the Israels liberated in 2021), it works but is dirty. The EPA got real tough on shipping the good "Made in the USA" plutonium after the counterfeit Fukushima Daiichi waste hit the flux capacitor market in late 2020. Don't get me wrong, I though it was a great idea to use up all that contaminated material in capacitors but you couldn't correctly calibrate your arrival times and some of it thru you off the time mark by two years and more. So instead of going to the Woodstock Music festival in August of 1969 I ended up in DaNang Vietnam during the Tet offensive in Feb of 1968 wearing sandals and an oversized tee shirt with a peace symbol on it getting shot at. Not something I want to do again!


Dang it @mayer...your on fire...or should I say you will be on fire.


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