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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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initial charging problem and etc

I hope someone could help me, I just bought my JBL extreme 2 days ago, I did charge it for the first time. It started to charge but when it reaches 4th LED it did not charge. Then from the 1st LED it jumps to 4th LED. What may seem to be the problem of my JBL?

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now it wont fully charge. if its plugged in to the power outlet it says fully charged, same thing happened in my phones meeter(in the JBL connect). I then unplugged it and it indicates 80% power. its a defective device i guess. but i lost my receipt


Same thing happened to me, the battery on the speaker is defective. You have to contact JBL and have them replace it or you can do it yourself if that's not an option.


How do you change the battery yourself?


My speaker is turning on but not charging.. I plug the charger in and it's not charging at all.


I have changed my JBL battery and is not charging but the charging port is ok, what could be the problem


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There are many possibilities.

Leds aren’t always accurate on electronics. But yes,that sounds extreme. It could be as simple as a bad battery. It could be a bad charger as well. I’d not those 2 things,it’s the circuitry. It could be a component issue.

If the battery life is fine,but just an inaccurate indication of battery,it could also be a faulty battery meter.

Sometimes charging until it won’t charge(keep it plugged in for a while after it hits 4th led or appears to stop charging),then drain it until it shuts off,then repeat the full charge step. In many devices,this calibrates the software meter for the battery,to make it more accurate.

have you tried using it for a while at a time? Is the battery life ok,setting aside the meter?

worse case,you could return it as defective,right? Just swap it out?

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yes, i have used it yesterday with an estimated 80% battery it lasted for 6 hrs with full volume. charged it for 30mins at night then played music for like 6hrs with below 20% volume and after i wake up its dead. as i wake up, plugged it in and took a shower, by the time i finished shower, the battery went 80% on my phones meeter, JBL connect app to be specific.


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My speaker is turning on but not charging. I plug the charger in and it's not charging at all.

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My JBL speaker is turning on but not charging. I plug the charger in and it's not charging at all. How can I fix it?


Replace battery. Look up guides online to replace the battery. Takes about 30 min.


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