The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's latest high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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What is the voltage rating of xbox one x power supply?

Hi, I'm looking at buying Xbox one X from the US and bringing it to Asia, is xbox one x power supply voltage universal (110v-220v)? Thanks

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James Soan  Xbox one X uses a 120V-240V 245-Watt universal voltage PSU. All you would need is a power cord that fits the Xbox and the power outlet of wherever you are going to use it.

Remember, we all are iFixit. You are asking a question in a public forum and thus must expect answers from the public.

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Thank you OldT! Well said!


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Your question might already be answered here.

Update (11/18/2018)

Well, sucks to suck. If you only want your answers from “iFixit themselves” you can head over to this teardown that iFixit did for this Xbox and formulate the answer/solution from that. It’s the best you are going to get from here.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in that teardown you might as well ask somewhere else because apparently iFixit doesn’t have the answer for you and you don’t care about what we have to say. You people drive me nuts.

Update (11/18/2018)

You have very high expectations, don’t you? You will rarely see an iFixit employee answering questions on this answers forum day-to-day. Instead, you will find people like me that try to help people with their electronics to the best of their ability.

iFixit employees rarely do have time to answer questions on this forum due to their jobs (teardowns, fixing bugs, creating guides, etc).

As I said, sucks to suck.

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I'm looking for an answer from the teardown and from ifixit themselves. Please don't send a link that is not helpful and based on speculations. Thanks


I didn't ask for your opinion. The reason why i posted here is for ifixit to hopefully respond. If you're not from ifixit then i don't what your response.


James - don't think you are entitled to an answer on this forum from an iFixit employee. The last time an iFixit employee answered a question on this forum was about 3 weeks ago. This isn't how things work around here.

Instead, people like Aaron and me answer questions and solve problems on this forum. We are not iFixit employees, rather just people trying to help people with their devices. iFixit employees don't answer questions around here, people like us do, as a team. That's how we roll around here.


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XBOX ONE X Internal Power Supply AC Adapter

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