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PowerBook G4 Aluminum laptops with 17" displays

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Where can I get professional to refurbish 2 PowerBooks?

I have two 17” Aluminum PowerBooks. Both have dead batteries and power supplies (the one that looks like a UFO), but otherwise were functioning fine when they went dark. One belonged to my husband, one to me. I am not sure which is which. I don’t feel confident about making the repairs. And I don’t want to make a costly mistake in diagnosing the problems (we’re on SSA). I used to write about computing, but only big systems administration so hands-on was handled by my husband, who is now very ill, can’t do any of that and requires 24/7 care, which I provide. But I loved that computer. It has all my favorite applications on it, no longer supported or even accessible by MacOS. And both have irreplaceable data on them. Does anyone know where can I get professional to revive at least one and retrieve the data from both? Local Mac repair shops don’t work on these.

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Click on my icon and get my email address. I’ll give you my shipping address. Or you can look me up as MacHale Enterprises on Google. Be happy to try to fix those for you.

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Got your email and responded. First thing I will do is install a used battery I have in stock and charge it up. Then try to start and go from there.

If I pull the drives the data should be 98% chance of recovery.


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Personally I would love to perform the honors but I am on vacation right now, plus I am only 14 years of age (tsk, tsk). However, when I do repair devices I do not charge for labor, only parts because I truly enjoy repairing devices. Plus, with every device I repair I learn something new!

@mayer is one of our Mac guy around here, he used to own an Apple type repair store and (to the best of my knowledge) has a mail-in program. His email is if you would like to schedule a mail-in for your two PowerBooks.

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@mayer Due to me getting food poisoning from eating undercooked food last night I might be more active this week then I thought I would be.


Aaron Cooke: taking your advice, emailing your guy. Not sure what your age has to do with your ability to do the job, though. I'd stack the apple pies I made at 14 against any one else's, regardless of age or experience.


@simigirl Well, I guess it's just me thinking that because I am so young people will automatically default to me being inexperienced. Thats all.


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