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I want to know how to format my iPod

I want to format my ipod, but can't seem to do it.

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Has anything happened to the iPod? why do you need to format it? what OS are you using? Give us more info so we can help you.


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Yoli, you can try this. It is for Win XP since you did not give your OS. Use the updater to restore the ipod to it's original factory settings, then remove it from the computer. Next uninstall iTunes and the iPod Updater, restart your computer after each step. Download the latest version of iTunes and the iPod Updater and install them in the same order. Plug the Shuffle back into your computer. iTunes should now start and ask you to name your Shuffle. after that you should once again have the ability to copy songs to the iPod. Let us know if this helped. Good Luck

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