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The Capresso Infinity Model #565 is a conical burr grinder that is used to grind coffee beans varying across sixteen settings from Turkish fine to coarse.

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My coffee tastes wrong, am I doing something wrong?

So I’ve been using the Capresso Infinity for a while now, and with zero issues. However, out of the blue my coffee started Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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I’m sorry to hear that. Fortunately I have a few ideas as to why that might have happened. Make sure you’re not storing your beans in the top plastic container. While it might be convenient, it causes the beans to become stale faster. Also make sure you use your grounds right after making them.  It might save time, but it unfortunately is another way for your coffee to go stale faster than you’d like. Finally, changing the grind setting can greatly change the way your coffee tastes. So, make sure you’re grinding your coffee to a coarseness you like.

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Have you cleaned it? Using white vinegar & water How to Clean The Coffee Maker. Did you replace the charcoal filter?

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Sounds like this answer is for a coffee brewer. This question is directed toward a coffee bean grinder.


Sorry I thought you had the combo unit grinder & brew. If you just have the grinder then you'll need to use a brush to clean it and not leave ground coffee as it will go stale. If you live in a humid area then you also don't want to leave the beans out either.


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