Screen gets pixelated and phone crashes. What is wrong? [Pic attached]

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I have a OP3 for 2 years. It is running stock OxygenOS 5.0.6 with f2fs partitions. For the last year, the screen gets pixelated and the phone hangs and switches off. It can be restarted almost immediately. This usually happens randomly and is accompanied by a loud beep sound when it happens while watching YouTube.

I have noticed that the top right edge of the screen is popping slightly (barely noticeable like 2mm from its normal position) out from the frame.

I have tried resetting the phone several times to no avail.

This crash is happening several times a day now instead of once a week like earlier.

Is there something wrong with the display or logic board or some loose connector? Or software issue? I wish to repair the phone myself.

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