The Dell Inspiron 15-5552 features a 15.6" HD screen, and an Intel Celeron processor.

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Can I ship my laptop in to be fixed?

Can I ship my laptop in to be fixed?

It shuts down without me doing it myself, sometimes while watching a movie. I just bought it the other day and it won't allow me to play any DVDs, think it needs to reboot to fix this issue. As for the shutting down while watching movies on there, it mentions memory issues when making a horribly loud sound before shutting down. I don't know what might fix that honestly. My kitten sometimes sat on there also, I think some litter particles might be in the keyboard, this also started affecting the typing and the mouse pad on it. I also believe that it also offerheats very quickly. Would it be possible for me to send it in to fix all these issues with the password seeing that I can't log in due to the typing and not being able to drag the mousepad? It looks like new but it just has all these issues. I paid $500 for this laptop and I would pay to have all the problems fixed, no problem but I just won'the pay what I bought the laptop for because it would make no sense that way to me. I can't keep trying to work with it, I need help.

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There are several very fine techs on the site who are professionals from all over the world. Please tell us where you are located and we may be able to recommend one close to you.


I bought it (the other day). Sorry, my family usually say that when describing a time not too long ago. It's been about 6 months now.


I live in the U.S Virgin Islands.


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If you just bought it yesterday and it’s having all these issues, take it back to whoever or wherever you got it from. For $500, that thing should be flawless.

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