Why does the sound cut in and out on all recorded videos?

When I either copy or cut-paste mp4 video files off of the SD card onto pc, all of them readily play back on my pc via various common video players, however the audio consistently cuts in and out rapidly, ie; 1 second of clear audio is immediately followed by 1 or more seconds of silence and that cycles throughout every recorded video. Might there be others also finding this issue and how is it corrected and/or resolved?

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Does so regardless of wind as it even does so indoors.


has it always had this problem? This is an item that is 6-7 years old... I know that the microphone in these things is located in quite an awkward place and sound quality is historically reported as poor.


Hi and I appreciate your kindly replying.

The GoPro 's second hand, so I can't answer for certain how long, except when I first rec'd it, I noticed very loud audio that was accompanied with ferocious whumpy wind distortions (has to be a very sensitive mic).

So I covered the mic's holes with a thin open celled foam material. It didn't help much if at all and it was then I began noticing the sound cutting in and out.

I removed the foam strip and still same issue. So I'm left assuming if not an issues with it's mic, the mobo ,that or maybe the puppy has an audio setting somewhere (somehow the foam caused the sound level to automatically be reset more sensitive).

If the latter, one'd think there's a total reset feature, yet I'm not seeing any audio or system reset discussed in the user guide's pdf, but then there's a lot not covered in the guide, so broaching my queries.

Best regards and happ-e-trails,



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