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Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD

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Why can't I change or repair the battery ic

Please I actually have a dell inspiron d410. is there a way to fix the processor inside if i can’t afford a new and i can’t tell my battery level when working?

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What makes you think the processor is bad? What are the issues you're having?


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Batteries made within the past ~10 years are a gamble in terms of rebuild viability. There are some that it isn’t a big deal on and the BMS will try and make it work, but others like Dell have become significantly more difficult because they were hit hard by the Sony recall with the D Series. That recall is why I don’t use those batteries if they’re OEM - I cannot verify they are recalled anymore since Dell shut the site down years ago. That even applies if I only intend to use it for old XP era games for example. You might as well replace the BMS with Dell laptops on post Sony recall packs and the newer models like the E Series.

However it is still possible if you know the BMS is receptive to cell changes and will even try and charge fried batteries. Many of the older HP batteries will attempt to charge it unless it has a problem like cell rust, but it can be downright dangerous. I was testing a pile of 7 nc6000 batteries after I rebuilt some of the better laptops so I can pick a nice candidate for older games to receive a hard drive. 2 of the batteries have shorted cells and the battery didn’t cutoff the charge. These easily rebuilt packs are inherently excellent to do it on, but can be dangerous if there’s a problem with the existing cells. If you have a battery like this, you should at least do 1 complete supervised charge to catch major pack problems like cell shorting. Beyond that, 1-2 additional supervised charges is recommended to stabilize the runtime and be 100% sure the battery is not bad.

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