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{A1989 / EMC3214} - Rilasciato nel luglio 2018, il MacBook Pro da 13" integra processori i5 e i7 quad-core e grafica integrata Intel Iris Plus.

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One USB-C Port Not Working - Repair Process Question?

The front right USB-C port on my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13” (2018) doesn’t work. Never has. It doesn’t charge, it doesn’t recognize devices, etc.

What would a repair of this one USB-C (Thunderbolt, etc.) port likely entail? Will the entire logic board or will they just be able to replace a single small part in the store?

I’m NOT eager to have to mail this off and/or have major guts from a brand new Mac replaced. Maybe it’s just a loose connection or something, or maybe it’s a bad port. Either way, I’m curious what folks here think.

I looked at the tear-down, but couldn’t tell much. Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi, were you able to resolve it? I'm having the same issue with one of my type c ports on a 2019 Macbook pro. I was hopeful and took it to Apple store, and I was told to pay $900. I'd rather just buy a new one than to pay that amount of money


Mine was eventually resolved by replacing the motherboard (under warranty). Prior to that, they replaced the USB connector boards twice and each time only fixed the issue for a short time.

I'd still recommend attempting the USB port replacement first - as that's a relatively inexpensive and simple repair to do yourself. If that fails, then consider a new logic board or replacement Mac.

(Unless it's under warranty... then have Apple look at it and follow their recommendations.)


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The 2018 teardown does gloss over some of the details as Apple is basing the updated system on the older 2016 model. So if you look at the 2016 teardown you’ll see the USB-C port assembly is removable!

Block Image

And heres a better view of the connector assembly being removed from the case

Block Image

So, yes you can replace either one as needed. But there is still a wrinkle here!

What if the connector is not the issue but the logic on the logic board which would require a new logic board. While not obvious each pair of ports has its own Intel JHL6540 Thunderbolt 3 controller.

As this is still under warranty I would strongly recommend you get it to Apple or one of their authorized service centers. But, before you do I would make a good backup of my stuff and if you have anything personal on your system wipe the drive down so if they change out the logic board nothing personal would be exposed.

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Thank you.

The other USB-C on the right side works, so I’m hopeful that's a good sign.

Former Mac Genius here (should have known to look at the 2016 tear-down), so I know the drill re: these types of repairs. At least they do more of them in-store now than when I was working a decade+ ago where nearly every laptop went to Depot. I filed a case within three weeks of getting it, and then re-confirmed that it still doesn’t work under Mojave. My schedule is lighter in a week so I’ll take it to a store then (the nearest is 90 minutes away). It’s plenty well documented, anyway.

What’s odd is that when I plug my Bose QuietComforts in to charge them, they give a blinking red light indicating “error.” For any other peripheral, nothing happens at all - no errors, no popups, nada. Not even on the iPhone which, as we all know, sometimes will give a warning about a non-standard device or something.

Apple Hardware Test/Diagnostics doesn’t indicate any problem.

Thank you again.


Does the controller to each usb-c port live on that removable pair of ports or on the logic board itself? Thanks


No, the logic is on the main logic board, the connect is all thats on the removable part.


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Too late for this case, but for anybody else having this issue: resetting the SMC ( brought my MBP’s “dead” USB-C port back to life.

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It worked for me. Macbook pro 13'', 2018 4 thunder-blots. My problem was, I kept using a single TypeC dock for charging, extending screen, mouse and keyboard on the front right TypeC. I always plug and unplug the cord frequent and surlily regardless what is going inside the dock or cable. Then someday, it does not work and even without anything plugged in, it shows me the macbook is connected to a AC adapter with 15W or 5W power, but not charging~ I have to use another one and thinking about going to Apple store nearby. But your solution fixed it and saved me from that big trouble since the Apple store may took a few weeks~ Thank you!


Can confirm this works as well. I had to do this with the charger unplugged for success. You are an absolute life saver. Been working with this issue for a month and that solved it right away. all for this to just be SMC issue lol


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