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This Samsung Tablet was first released in May 2015 and can be identified by its 9.7 inch diagonal screen. The model number of the device is “SM - T550.”

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Need to get the correct Charger for a sm-t550 tablet for a GalaxyA

Have a Samsung Galaxy A Tab model#sm-t550.

I need a new charger because mine takes all day to fully charge.

Get notes stating I need the original charger for the#sm-t550.

What is the original, so I can order the right one.

Thanks for your help!

Mike Raftery

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Michael RAFTERY  there are plenty of chargers that will work. All you need to do is an online search and you will come across plenty of them. Something like this as well as from the other answer will work. Look for something like a 1.5A to 2 A charger. Also, slow charging can be a battery issue as well as a charging port/circuitry issue.

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To answer your question, here is a replacement charger. I would be very surprised if this charger is not the right one because Samsung devices usually take micro USB chargers.

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