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The Surface Laptop by Microsoft is the first full laptop in the Surface lineup. Released June 2017.

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Trackpad popped out at the bottom

I accidentally dropped something and my trackpad popped out at the bottom. Hard clicks are now not registered. I tried to pop it back in but it won’t stick. What do I do? My nearest Microsoft store is really far away.

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Here’s how to get the keyboard and trackpad off to reseat it: Microsoft Surface Laptop Teardown

Take a close look at the battery and examine it for swelling, which could be a contributing factor in it popping out.

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This should have a detachable keyboard correct?

If so look up a new keyboard for the surface. Make sure it is exactly the same.

If not then try prying a little bit more to see under the trackpad. Be careful not to break it anymore.

Is anything stuck under it?

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no this is a surface LAPTOP not pro. you cant take the keyboard off


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